Florence: my beloved city

Florence is a dream

A quiet river, a sunset in the background and you, standing on a bridge… And you feel fine!

This could be anywhere. But when the river is the Arno and the bridge is Ponte Vecchio, it means you are in Florence!

This great view brings you back in time, you close your eyes and your imagination flies to the

Romans who understood that the beautiful Arno valley, shielded from the winds and surrounded by

fertile hills, could be the perfect place to found a city.

In a moment the bustle around you recalls the sound and noise of the Middle Ages, when busy

butchers sold their goods in that animated market.

But you have no time to see them because all of a sudden the Medici family, the Grandukes of

Tuscany, transforms the bridge into a construction site, with a famous architect and his workmen at

work; in 5 months, or 5 seconds in your mental journey, they build a gallery, a passageway for their

rulers, who can now walk safe up there.

But wait… In a moment the bridge is safer, and more graceful, but still active, with those expert

hands focused in etching, engraving and decorating precious gold products. Their little stores are

still there, on the goldsmiths’ bridge!

An explosion… Oh no… Mankind is so stupid… We destroy what our ancestors created… Florence

is bombed, wounded and offended… But the bridge is not, or at least not completely, only a witness

of the biggest war the world had.

You are dreaming but you can almost feel heavy drops of rain on your skin. And more water. More

water. And there’s water everywhere. Dear city, once again you have been defeated by your

beloved river!

You open your eyes wide. Your dream is over. Two thousand years in a few minutes! But you are

still there, on the most poetic bridge of the world. Take a breath and enjoy the view: these stones

will tell you this story again and again, in a never ending marvel!

This is the magic, in Florence.

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