Florence, trash the dress and the perfect light

You know, any serious photographer is craving for the perfect light. When he has the perfect light he craves for the right people. When he also have the right people he craves for the perfect location.   There is a solution to this: just put your alarm at 4.15 AM and go shooting a “trash the

Tuscany honeymoon: Emily and Sam

“More than just one day, I need a lifetime of these to celebrate you.”- Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson During our walk with Emily and Sam these words ringed out in my mind. They’re so in love! There’s something magical in knowing new people, and every time this happens, I understand why our

honeymoon in Italy

After hundreds of things to do, months of preparing getting away on your honeymoon should be a relaxing and dreamy experience. One of the most beautiful places to have your honeymoon is in Italy,romance home! Venice is a nice city to start your honeymoon. This city is famous for its gondola rides and for natural romance