Florence, trash the dress and the perfect light

You know, any serious photographer is craving for the perfect light. When he has the perfect light he craves for the right people. When he also have the right¬†people he craves for the perfect location. There is a solution to this: just put your alarm at 4.15 AM and go shooting a “trash the dress”

Engagement in Cinque Terre, Italy

Yeah, we know….. Cinque Terre is not Tuscany but we do love working outside Tuscany and Italy too (so, guys getting married in Italy, you know you can hire us everywhere, right ?), this time we had a very nice engagement photoshoot between Manarola and Monterosso, 2 of the 5 small towns that are part

Photo of the day – 12/01/2017

Hello guys I know,¬†you are used to see bride, grooms and wedding rings on a wedding photograper’s website but we do think that a good wedding photoshoot needs to show also the little details that will make your special day one of a kind. (a wonderful gown for the maid of honor!)   ciao! Matteo