getting married in a wine museum

In the last years we shot weddings in churches, gardens, villas and other location but this year we just started

our wedding season with a new entry … a Wine Museum !


Let’s just say that it was really unusual but it was funny and also a challenge since it’s so much different from

the classic venues where we have to shot ceremonies.

From a few months people are allowed to get married in Wine Museum in Montespertoli (in the beautiful Chianti hills)

so Sara and Massimiliano got the chance to do it and have a nice civil ceremony.


Chianti is a land famous for its wine…..why not celebrate it with a glass of good red wine right after you just got married ?


After the ceremony we headed to the lovely Certaldo (Certaldo Alta) and we got there on a funicular railway where we had some

fun shot and, once arrived in the old town, we had the pleasure to shot in the historical center surrounded by medieval buildings and art.


After the quick photo session (yes, we are quick !) we arrived in Castelfiorentino for the reception and the party where

the newlyweds had their first dance followed by their relatives and friends.


the cover image of this article was also featured on the national association of wedding photographer so we could not have a better

start for our wedding season !


If you are looking for a creative, professional and emotional wedding photographic team contact us to know if we are available for your

wedding, engagement, proposal or honeymoon !  –


here you can find some picture of that day

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