Engagement in Switzerland (yes, we can travel to your country!)

What if you are getting married in Italy and would love to have the same photographer for both wedding and engagement ? well, just send us an email since we are more than willing to travel to your country for an engagement shooting!   Nina and Manuel will get married in Montespertoli, in the Chianti

A new engagement shooting in Tuscany

Tuscany, land of weddings, sure. what about engagement instead ? Of course we have plenty of choices when it comes to engagement shootings, this time we talked to the couple and we choose Boboli Garden, a magical place in the heart of Florence that you should never miss if you are planning to visit or

Wedding in the heart of Tuscany

Have you ever dreamt of getting married in an ancient palace from Middle Ages? have you ever wondered if you could get married with painting and arches above you ? have you ever believed this could be possible? well, it is. At least here in Tuscany. more exactly in Certaldo. Alessia and Daniele are a